Know Where You Can Use Home Textile Fabrics In Everyday Life


What are home textile fabrics?

Different types of textiles are available in the textile market which is bought as per their use. Home textile is a type of textile which, as the name suggests, has applications in household use. It is used in a range of applications such as in covering furniture, upholstery, beddings, and curtains etc. the home textile industry is a growing market and is growing at a rapid rate. Moreover, home textiles categories are vast, which gives the buyers a wide variety to choose from.

Different Types Of Home Textiles Commonly Used

The home textile fabrics are wide in application, due to a large number of home textile categories available in the market. Fabrics such as cotton, jute, nylon, rayon, silk and wool are commonly used in home textile fabrics Following explained are different categories of home textiles which are available in the market:

Know Where You Can Use Home Textile Fabrics In Everyday Life
Know Where You Can Use Home Textile Fabrics In Everyday Life

1.     Floor Covering

Textiles are one of the most ancient forms of art known to humans. Textiles are in use for floor coverings for a long time period and are not jus a way of covering the floor but also have decorative uses. Two prominent type of floor covering textiles are carpet and rugs. The only difference between the two is that while carpets are fixed onto the floor, rugs can be moved from one place to another. Moreover, home textile industry has made floor coverings available in different patterns and designs, which add to the aesthetics of this type of textile.

2.     Bedding

Beddings are an absolute essential in every household. Every society has different types of beddings. Even though the bed, by itself is not wholly considered to be a textile, beddings are products of home textile industry which make the bed comfortable. Most common beddings are bed sheets, pillow covers and comforters. Beddings are meant to be comfortable to promote good sleep and are therefore commonly made of fabrics such as silk, linen and nylon. Use of these fabrics makes the textile breathable and comfortable, due to their light weight.

3.     Bathroom

Home textile fabrics are used in bathroom due to their applications in everyday use. Shower curtains and towels are two commonly used textiles in home. Shower curtains are made with water proof material and are usually coated with plastic. Both woven and non-woven fabrics are useful in home textiles. Towels are available in different shapes and sizes, as per their use such as bath towels, hand towels, face towels etc. towels are usually made with a soft fabric to be comfortable on the skin.

4.     Upholstery &Window Textiles

Upholstery and curtain are famous home textile categories. Upholstery fabrics are used in covering furniture such as sofas and other seating. These home textile fabrics are made commonly with cotton, leather, wool, polyester, linen, acetate and other fabrics. The different type of fabrics used in upholstery depends largely on the material used and the desired level of softness. Window textiles include a range of different types of textiles for use in windows treatments to enhance their aesthetic looks. They are a wide range of home textile fabrics used in window treatments.

5.     Wall Coverings

Wall covering textiles are commonly used as a piece of decoration in the home textile industry. Wall coverings can add a great look to a place without much hassle. Wall covering textiles come in various patterns, color combinations and fabrics, which add to a home’s décor. Wall hangings are a common type of wall textile and are available in different styles such as embroidered, hand tufted; woven and knotted, etc. moreover, wall coverings are home textile categories which are in use from historic times.

6.     Table Cloth & Runners

Table cloths are used on coffee tables, tea tables and even on side tables to keep them clean. Table cloths are normally used in a single layer. However, many people also use two layers of table cloths, which add color contrast and enhance the look of the table. Table runners are used to decorate the tables and protect the furniture. They normally run over the table cloth and enhance the look. Moreover, this product of home textile industry is especially popular for use in home as well as restaurants.

Home Textile Fabrics Available Through Textile Infomedia

Home textile industry is growing at a rapid rate. The use of various old home fabrics as well as the introduction of new ones is what has contributed to the growth of this industry. This article had mentioned various home textile categories which make a major part of the home textile industry. Textile Infomedia is a portal where you can get exclusive quality of home textile fabrics directly from the suppliers at best rates. Products sold on our portal are high in quality, to ensure their durability. Know more about Uses and Application Of Home Textile Fabrics In Everyday Life.

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